Eduardo Barrientos

Restoration Expert

Eduardo Barrientos is a Restoration Expert with Ardmor Construction. A Restoration Expert’s role is to help customers start the process of restoring their homes after an unfortunate weather event and guide them through the construction process. Eduardo works with homeowners from the first introduction through to the material selection and is an expert on working with insurance companies. He knows that restoring a home after a storm is a big project and he wants to make sure all homeowners feel comfortable when taking that step.

Prior to working with Ardmor, Eduardo worked in the restaurant industry for 12 years. He loved talking to people and sharing his love of food with them. His goal was always to provide excellent customer service at the restaurant, and he strives to do the same everyday here at Ardmor. Eduardo’s favorite part about his job is getting to know so many people and seeing the before and after of their homes. He loves making a positive impact in our customer’s lives as well as the communities we live in.

In his free time, Eduardo loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. A little-known fact about Eduardo is that he has a very green thumb and loves indoor gardening, and he currently has 36 plants!

Julian Barrientos

Restoration Expert

Julian Barrientos is a Restoration Expert with Ardmor Construction. A Restoration Expert’s role is to help customers start the process of restoring their homes after an unfortunate weather event and guide them through the construction process. Julian works with homeowners from the first introduction through to the material selection and is an expert on working with insurance companies. Julian believes it’s important to listen to customers to determine what their needs are before providing a solution. He helps people restore their homes so they can feel safe and be protected the next time a storm rolls in.

Before joining Ardmor, Julian worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years. This experience helped him learn how to truly care for people and become a problem solver. He worked in the kitchen, front of house, as a bartender, and as a manager. The service industry is his life. Julian uses the customer service and communication skills he learned in the restaurant industry every day when working with homeowners.

3 years ago, Julian discovered that self-care is the most important thing for having a healthy body and mind. In his free time, he spends time with friends and family. Julian also loves painting. His father was an artist who taught at an art institute in Mexico. Julian also loves biking on the Twin Cities’ many local trails, especially the Greenway. He dreams of someday biking from Minnesota all the way to his hometown in Mexico!

Dodge Langreck

Restoration Expert

Dodge Langreck is a Restoration Expert with Ardmor Construction. A Restoration Expert’s role is to help customers start the process of restoring their homes after an unfortunate weather event and guide them through the construction process. Dodge works with homeowners from the first introduction all the way through to when our Production Team schedules the repairs. Dodge has substantial knowledge of the materials available on the market and works with every homeowner to find what fits with their style and budget.

Before joining Ardmor, Dodge worked for an equipment supply company that sold and installed furniture, equipment, and general supplies to schools, offices, and hospitals. Dodge started as a seasonal installer for the company in the summers, and then was offered a full-time position before being promoted to lead installer. Shortly after that, the owners asked him to also work in sales. This role required a high emphasis on attention to detail since he had to manage both the sales responsibilities and the installation duties. He also needed to be able to retain and recall product knowledge, installation knowledge, and sales knowledge for many different brands and products. His company had customers in 2 different states, so he also needed to stay up to date on state-specific products and regulations for the work that he did. As a Restoration Expert with Ardmor, Dodge uses his detail-oriented mindset and extensive product knowledge everyday as he helps customers through the construction and claim process and helps them choose the materials they will use to repair their homes.

In his free time, Dodge likes to play basketball or volleyball and spend time outside with his dog, Oakley. Dodge also loves to go to his cabin in the woods in Wisconsin, where he’s often hunting or kayaking.

Hollie Mytinger

Restoration Expert

Hollie Mytinger is a Restoration Expert with Ardmor Construction. A Restoration Expert’s role is to help customers start the process of restoring their homes after an unfortunate weather event and guide them through the construction process. Hollie works with homeowners from the first introduction through to the material selection and is an expert on working with insurance companies.

Hollie previously served as the Office Manager with Ardmor. As Office Manager, Hollie worked with all areas of Ardmor including Sales, Production, Bookkeeping, and HR, and that gave her the unique experience of working with customers and insurance companies throughout every step of the process, from introduction to invoicing.

When asked what motivated her to move to this role, Hollie said: “I have never wanted to work in sales until I came to Ardmor. When I came here, it was not to work in sales, but then I saw how Ardmor Operates. The way that the company cares about each and every potential customer, the thought and effort that is put into everything that we do, from our hiring and training of staff and crews, to the careful selection of suppliers and materials, I knew I had found something I could confidently stand behind. I don’t feel like I’m selling anything. I am helping people in my neighboring communities that have been struck with bad weather to restore their homes. I trust that our team will treat the home owners of the Twin Cities like our own Neighbors, Friends, and Family.”

Before joining Ardmor, Hollie was the Operations Manager of a property management company for over 10 years. In that role, she wore many hats and had her hands in many different areas of operations.

In her free time, Hollie loves playing board games – particularly strategy-based games. She also loves cooking and trying new foods. She’s currently working on developing a new recipe for Spicy Ramen!

John Mytinger

Restoration Expert

John Mytinger is a Restoration Expert with Ardmor Construction. A Restoration Expert’s role is to help customers start the process of restoring their homes after an unfortunate weather event and guide them through the construction process. John works with homeowners from the first introduction through to the material selection and is an expert on working with insurance companies. If there is anything that he can do to make the process painless, he will go above and beyond!

John is a graduate of Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Prior to working at Ardmor, John was a Field Service Manager for a major telecommunications company where he honed his skills in Project Management. He is very detail oriented and understands the importance of installing products to manufacturer specifications while aiming to exceed customer expectations.

At Ardmor, John works with his customers step-by-step, educating them through the entire process. From filing their first claim, working with the insurance carrier, and ensuring that his customers are satisfied, he works hard to provide great communication.

As an Ohio native, John is a fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes football team. An interesting fact about him is that he is the former World Champion of a board game that he claims most people have never heard of!


Mike Beardsley

Design Consultant

Mike Beardsley is the Design Consultant with Ardmor Construction. The role of the Design Consultant is to work with customers to complete material selections using extensive knowledge of our available products to help homeowners make informed decisions about their project.
Mike has over 15 years of experience with direct customer relations and account management. In 2006 he started at Qwest Communications working in sales. During his 7 years with Qwest, he moved up into sales training and sales coaching. In 2013 he transitioned into a sales management role with DJO Global, a durable medical equipment company. At DJO Global, he built a team that focused on growing the company’s relationships with small to mid-size distributors of their products. Mike then moved on to spend 2 years with Food Services of America, working closely with restaurants to help them grow their businesses profitably and effectively. Most recently, Mike worked in digital marketing with Blue42 Agency as a business consultant.

As the Design Consultant with Ardmor, Mike brings a customer-focused approach to everything that he does. For his entire career, Mike has been focused on customer satisfaction. He is passionate about working with Ardmor’s customers to ensure the success of their projects.
If you are looking for Mike on the weekends, you can usually find him out at the local golf course or hiking one of Minnesota’s 75 state parks.

Nancy Ferguson


Nancy Ferguson is the Bookkeeper at Ardmor Construction. The role of the Bookkeeper is to manage Ardmor’s financial accounts and transactions, as well and prepare and process invoices and payments.

Nancy has over 30 years of experience with Bookkeeping and Business management. In 1991, Nancy and her husband Blair started their own business when they realized the was a need for resources in the accessibility market. Their company, Access One/Beyond Barriers, was formed to help seniors and people with disabilities stay independent and comfortable in their homes. Nancy’s responsibilities included: bookkeeping, vendor relations, purchasing, product research, accounts receivable/payable, billing and growing the business. Nancy’s role was eliminated when they merged and sold off part of the company.

As the Bookkeeper at Ardmor Construction, Nancy brings extensive knowledge in running a business and managing the books. She also has insight into the construction world. Customer satisfaction is a priority in every aspect of the work that she does, and she strives to ensure accurate billing for all customers. Nancy takes pride in focusing on detail, accuracy, and efficiency.

Nancy spends her spare time at their lake home with family and friends relaxing, reading, and floating. She also enjoys riding her ATV, jet-skiing, and warming up by the bonfire. Nancy is excitedly awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild the end of May!

Karissa Hagen

Sales Coordinator

Karissa Hagen is the Sales Coordinator at Ardmor Construction. The Sales Coordinator works directly with our Sales Team to provide support and coordination with the office staff ensuring fewer delays for production, material selections, and supplements.

Karissa joined our team with a background in sales, management, and marketing. She went to Carthage College in Kenosha, WI where she double majored in communication and management. Upon graduation she began a career with the Minnesota Wild. During her time with the Wild, she assisted with the planning and execution of non-season ticket holder events, game activations, email marketing, pulling and reviewing analytics for the sales team, training and leading a promotions team, as well as being a customer-facing employee. In 2020, she transitioned jobs into a new role of Product Manager where she did direct sales and promoted various products to new and existing customers.

Karissa’s previous role at the Wild was to provide a positive customer experience from the time they bought the ticket to the game all the way until they have left the arena for the night. Here at Ardmor, she strives to do the same with our customers by ensuring they have a sense of comfort from the beginning of the project to the end. She works closely with every member of the Sales Team to make sure customers are taken care of every step of the way.

In her free time, Karissa enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, fishing, golfing, and yoga/lifting.

Nicole Kortz

Supplement Manager/Executive Assistant

Nicole Kortz is the Supplement Manager/Executive Assistant with Ardmor Construction. In the Supplement Manager part of her role, Nicole communicates with claim representatives and adjusters to resolve supplemental estimates that Ardmor submits to insurance companies. In the Executive Assistant part of her role, Nicole works closely with Ardmor’s President and CEO to manage calendars, schedule meetings, and organize day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

Nicole has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Minnesota. Before joining Ardmor, Nicole was the Administrative Assistant with the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce. At TwinWest, she provided high-level administrative support to the President & CEO and the executive team of the Chamber. Nicole was also responsible for administrative tasks for 600+ member businesses including managing info in the member CRM database, maintaining event calendars, and coordinating virtual and in-person events and meetings. Prior to her time at TwinWest, Nicole was the Assistant Office Manager at Kyle Vitense State Farm where she honed her administrative, marketing, and communications skills. Nicole was also a Claims Specialist in the office and guided customers through the insurance claims process.

Nicole’s experience at Kyle Vitense State Farm allowed her an inside look at an insurance company’s process for Home claims, which has greatly helped her with her work as Supplement Manager. Additionally, Nicole’s time with TwinWest allowed her to gain experience managing schedules for multiple executives and work closely with TwinWest’s members to ensure their administrative tasks were completed efficiently and accurately. Nicole strives to keep frequent, open, and honest communication at the forefront of the work that she does with Ardmor Construction.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys spending time with her fiancé, David, and their pets – Molly (dog) & Max (cat). On the weekends, you can usually find Nicole up north at the cabin.

Craig Polski

Assistant Manager

Craig Polski is the Assistant Manager at Ardmor Construction. The Assistant Manager helps the CEO and President keep the company running smoothly by overseeing employees and ensuring team accountability.

Craig was born into a roofing family. His father owned a roofing and sheet metal company in northern Minnesota. By the age of 18, Craig was the Senior Project Manager for the company. After he graduated from High School, he attended college and received his AA degree. After 2 years of college, Craig’s father passed away suddenly and he was required to take over the company. Craig ran the company for 10 years and eventually sold it to E. H. Lawrence Co. and went to work for them as their Senior Project Manager. After several years, he was offered a position to run the northern division office for the Jamar Company, a part of the API group. When the Jamar Company pulled back their northern division, Craig resigned from the company and took the opportunity to go back to school and get his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Craig moved down to the Minneapolis area where he decided to try something new and managed a Walgreens store for over 5 years. He liked the retail business and enjoyed working at Walgreens, especially the interaction with customers, but he really missed the construction industry and was excited to have the opportunity to work for Ardmor Construction. Working for Ardmor is like being home for Craig, he missed the customer interaction and helping homeowners with their exterior construction projects, and he’s happy to bring over 40 years of roofing experience to the company.

When Craig is not working, you can find him up at the cabin on Lake Kabetogama, golfing, or playing the piano.

Brian Selvik

Client Services Coordinator

Brian Selvik is the Client Services Coordinator with Ardmor Construction. The role of the Client Services Coordinator is to act as a liaison between the production department and customers, ensuring smooth production and communication throughout the build process.

Before joining Ardmor, Brian was a graphic designer with Blackfire Creative where he worked alongside customers to design and install custom vinyl graphics, logos, and signage for vehicles and other business promotions. Prior to Blackfire Creative, Brian worked as an English Language Teacher in Seoul, South Korea. He developed custom lesson plans and taught a variety of subject to students with varying ages and proficiencies.
Brian graduated with an A.A.S. degree from Dakota County Technical College in Graphic Design and a B.A. in Art and Communication from Metropolitan State University.

Brian has an eclectic background working in many different areas including retail, teaching, and design. Because of his well-rounded work experience and having traveled extensively, Brian is able to relate to many different types of people to make sure they are understood, and their needs are met, to provide excellent customer service at Ardmor.

In his free time, Brian enjoys learning about personal/spiritual growth and development through meditation, physical exercise, and yoga. Brian also has a passion for the environment and conservation, keeping many different species of fish, plants, and turtles.

Franny Stoopes-Yoo

Production Assistant

Franny Stoopes-Yoo is the Production Assistant with Ardmor Construction. The Production Assistant works closely with Ardmor’s Assistant Manager and Client Services Coordinator to build orders, communicate with our crews, and ensure quality workmanship for every job. Franny previously served as the Design Consultant with Ardmor. Working closely with homeowners as a Design Consultant allowed Franny to be hands on with all of the materials we offer and become familiar with them. She was able to see what the process is like from the homeowner’s perspective, and she tries to always keep their experience in mind when working in production.

Before joining Ardmor, Franny worked as a Home Furnishings Consultant. She enjoyed helping people find the right furniture for their home, generating floor plan ideas, and working with colors and fabrics. In that role, Franny honed her eye for detail and gained experience building custom special orders. She also learned the importance of carefully listening to each customer to find the product that will best meet their needs, style, and budge – translating this into the construction industry has helped Franny be successful in her roles with Ardmor.

Franny also worked as a Baker at a Minneapolis café for 3 years. That role helped her learn better time management skills, the importance of preparation, and how to remain calm under pressure. Baking allowed Franny to combine her love of food with her detail-oriented nature – she loves the preciseness required with baking. On the weekends Franny enjoys drawing, movie nights with friends, cooking, playing video games, and trying new things. She recently tried downhill skiing for the first time and had a blast (even though there was a lot of falling over involved)!