Gutter Installation

The purpose of a gutter system, is to collect the water as it runs off the roof, and then safely transport it away from the structure. This protects the inside, and outside, of the structure from water damage, as well as, the foundation, and immediate surroundings. A well designed, properly installed gutter system is a fantastic way to protect your home. We only install seamless gutters and offer two different options for size, we offer the standard 5” gutters and a larger 6” gutter option that is usually used to manage rain that is collected in long gutter runs from multiple intersecting roofs or from roofs on larger homes and commercial buildings. We also offer several gutter protection systems and can help you pick the right one for your home.


New windows are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of you home, increase home value and dramatically improve the appearance of your home. We recommend installing new construction windows instead of replacement windows whenever possible because they offer superior leak resistance as well as increased energy efficiency. A new construction window simply means that the window has a factory installed nailing fin on it and is installed from the exterior of the home. New construction windows, like replacement windows are custom made for each individual window opening. We offer a full line of vinyl and aluminum clad windows, call today to request an appointment to meet with one of our window specialists.


Screens can get damaged by numerous things – pets, hail, wind and soccer balls just to name a few. We provide onsite screen repair for windows, gazebos, screened in porches and more. Sometimes window frames can get bent, although this service is not provided onsite we do fix broken or dented frames as well. The products we offer include aluminum, fiberglass and super-screen.

Exterior Painting

Paint is one of the easiest ways to provide your home an instant makeover as well as an important part of restoring your home after a storm. Each painting project is assessed by one of our painting professionals who assists in color and product selection. We utilize multiple painting techniques depending upon the situation and product type. Here are a few of the areas we commonly paint: decks, window frames, entire exteriors and sheds.

Other Services

When you hire Ardmor Construction to complete your repairs after a storm we take care of all of it. Here are a few other things we have seen get damaged after a storm that we can help you take care of: sheds, interior damage, brick, awnings, air conditioners and more. If you have a question about a specific item you’re not sure about please give us a call.